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Update on Coronavirus in NZ

25 February 2020

As of 25/2/2020 there are NO CONFIRMED cases of coronavirus in NZ.  However there are many countries now with people testing positive to coronavirus. 

In several of these countries there is evidence some of these positive cases have contracted the virus without direct travel to China, but actually from other infected people in their own home country.  These countries include Italy, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia and South Korea.

Apollo Medical has decided to take the precaution of requesting people who have travelled internationally to countries other than AUSTRALIA, PACIFIC ISLANDS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND CANADA to please not come into the practice for information about coronavirus.  If you have no symptoms and want to ask some questions, ring the Auckland Regional Public Health via Healthline 0800 611 116. If you are VERY UNWELL, especially with fever and bad coughing, then ring Healthline 0800 611 116, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

Apollo Medical needs to be able to protect our medically unwell and frail elderly patients, as well as our workforce.  If we get sick, we can no longer work and take care of patients.

Our reception staff will therefore be asking all patients:

1.            Have you or anyone in your household travelled internationally in past 14 days? If so where?

2.            Have you or anyone in your household been in contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus in the past 14 days?


Guidance on self-isolation
The guidance on self-isolation has been updated and can be found here 

Dedicated 0800 number for health advice and information
Healthline has set up a dedicated 0800 number specifically for health-related calls about the coronavirus.
 The number is 0800 358 5453
 Or for international SIMs +64 9 358 5453
 People calling that line will be able to talk with a member of the National Telehealth Service and interpreters will be on hand. The number is staffed by nurses, paramedics and health advisors.
Healthline's existing number is still the main number to calls for non-coronavirus health concerns.


Apollo诊所强烈建议我们病人遵行国家卫生部网站上的最新通知。情况在随时变化, 所以请用以下的连接 Link,我们也会尽力更新我们的网站。



  1. 在过去14 天,您和您现在同住的人去过中国?
  2. 在过去14 天,您和您现在同住的人有直接接触过冠状病毒患者?

那么就请您打电094773700 Apollo诊所来咨询如何管控潜在的感染发作。请一定要先打电话询问,不要直接来诊所,以免使其他病人有感染病毒的危险。

如果您对以上两个问题中的一个回答是“是的”,并且自己很不健康,特别伴有发热,咳嗽, 请立即拨打健康专线0800611116,或Apollo诊所来咨询有关的医疗方法,治疗可能在Apollo或在奥克兰的某个医院,所以有可能一定先打电话。

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