ACC provide comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover for all New Zealand residents and visitors to New Zealand. This means you can apply to ACC for help, no matter how you got injured, or whose fault it was. ACC's help can include a wide range of services – from payment towards treatment, to help around the home while you get better, and assistance with your income if you can't work because of your injury.

As a Crown organisation, ACC's role is set out by the Government. ACC are here to:

  • prevent injury
  • make sure people can get treatment for injury, if it happens
  • help people get back to everyday life as soon as possible.

Here are some of the things ACC do to carry out their role:

  • receive our clients' injury claims, and tell them if ACC can help
  • oversee and coordinate the help clients get, to make sure they get the help they need
  • pay weekly compensation (a regular form of income, calculated at a percentage of the client's usual earnings)
  • help pay for a wide range of treatment and medical costs, from GP visits and specialist fees, to x-rays, prescription costs and hospital emergency services
  • collect levies to help pay for the services ACC provide
  • work with businesses and in the community, to help them become safer, injury-free places.

Click here to visit the ACC website.

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  • College of Urgent Care Physicians (CUCP)

    College of Urgent Care Physicians (CUCP)

    The College of Urgent Care Physicians trains doctors in Urgent Care, an independent branch of medicine recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand.
  • Royal NZ College of GPs

    Royal NZ College of GPs

    The RNZCGP is the professional body which provides training and ongoing professional development for general practitioners and rural hospital generalists, and sets standards for general practice
  • Medical Council of New Zealand

    Medical Council of New Zealand

    The Medical Council registers doctors in New Zealand and carries responsibilities in the areas of standards, conduct and competence.
  • MOH 2

    Ministry of Health

    The Ministry is the government's primary agent in New Zealand's health and disability system, and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system.
  • IMAC

    Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC)

    IMAC are a nationwide organisation based at the School of Population Health at The University of Auckland.

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