Dr Han Yan

14 April 2022


Dear patients of Dr Han Yan


I regret to announce Dr Han Yan is leaving Apollo. Dr Han Yan has been with Apollo for 15 years! Over these years Dr Han Yan has built a very loyal patient following. She became an Apollo shareholder in 2018 and then a director of our company.  Dr Han Yan has been an integral member of the Apollo team and she will be greatly missed.  We do, however, extend our very best wishes to Han. Dr Han's last day at Apollo will be Friday 22 April 2022.


At Apollo Medical we recognize the importance of continuity of care for our patients and the need for each patient to have their own GP.  Apollo Medical has a number of doctors who are available to care for you.  Drs Hans Tseng, William Zeng, Jing Li, and Angela Su, all speak fluent mandarin. In addition Drs Farah Alqes, Toni O'Regan, and Andrew Lott are excellent doctors with whom you may choose to enrol. You will find further information about the doctors on our website www.apollomedical.co.nz


We acknowledge how important the GP is to our patients and we will endeavour to support you to find a replacement GP within Apollo.  Please contact reception at mc2.admin@apollomedical.co.nz or by phoning 09 477 3700 for more information or to advise us of your preferred GP. Or you may contact me by email. Mary.baldwin@apollomedical.co.nz

Kind regards

Mary Baldwin






          很遗憾的通知大家严医生将要在2022422日, 周五离开阿波罗诊所。 严医生已经在阿波罗诊所工作了15年, 在这些年里严医生积累了很多忠实的病人。 2018年起严医生成为阿波罗诊所的股东后再成为董事。多年来严医生已经成为阿波罗诊所不可或缺的重要成员。我们会非常想念她,最诚挚的祝福送给她。


Drs Hans Tseng, William Zeng, Jing Li, Angela Su 都可以讲流利的普通话. 还有Drs Farah Alqes, Toni O'Regan, Andrew Lott都是非常出色且经验丰富的医生,对于新加入的病人可以选择自己喜欢且信任的医生。更多关于医生的信息可以浏览我们的网页www.apollomedical.co.nz

         我们理解家庭医生对病人的重要,我们会持续支持大家找到自己的家庭医生。 请联系mc2.admin@apollomedical.co.nz, 或者打电话给我们的前台09 477 3700 咨询更多的信息,也可以告诉我们您喜欢的家庭医生, 或者发邮件联系我mary.baldwin@apollomedical.co.nz





Mary Baldwin


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