Dr Luke Park

16 November 2021


Dear patients of Dr Luke Park

I regret to announce Dr Luke Park is on extended leave and unlikely to return to Apollo. Luke has been with Apollo for five years. He has been an integral member of the Apollo team and he will be missed.  

I want to assure you Apollo Medical will continue to provide you with excellent medical care and services you have been used to receiving. At Apollo Medical we recognize the importance of continuity of care for our patients and the need for each patient to have their own GP. We also acknowledge it is preferable to be able to discuss important health concerns in your preferred language.  

Whilst Apollo Medical does not now have a Korean speaking doctor we are recruiting for a Korean speaking doctor and hope to have at least one Korean speaking GP ready to start by February 2022. In addition we have a Korean speaking doctor who is undertaking his general practitioner specialist training commencing in February 2022.

In the interval whilst we have no Korean speaking GPs you can access the services of a Korean translator for the Apollo Medical doctor or nurse consultations. When you book your appointment please advise reception if you want to have this service booked at the same time or if you require more information on the translation service.  

We acknowledge how important the GP is to our patients and we will endeavour to support you to find a replacement GP within Apollo with either our current doctors or as the new doctors start work in 2022.

If you have any questions please contact me by email. Mary.baldwin@apollomedical.co.nz

Kind regards

Mary Baldwin


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