Flu vaccines update

Updated: April 2022


Apollo Medical would like to invite you for your Flu immunisation. As part of team NZ, we encourage you to come get it as soon as possible for your protection & to be ready for when we call you for your Covic-19 immunisation. Call 09 477 3700 for an appointment.

For information on Flu Vaccine 2022 and funding criteria, please visit https://www.influenza.org.nz/

Get yourself immunised and keep well for the rest of this year.  Protect yourself and your family.

Influenza usually strikes between May and September each year.   For most people influenza is a mild to moderate illness but for some it is serious and can lead to complications, even death.

Annual immunisation is recommended to give you best protection.  Influenza viruses constantly change and different strains may affect New Zealand this year. 

The more people who are protected against influenza, the less it can spread.

Children can also have the flu vaccination, please speak to our reception staff about this.

Flu Bug

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