Dr Albert and Dr Derek

30 August 2021


Dear patients of Dr Albert and Dr Derek

It is with mixed emotions that the Apollo Medical team says farewell to these outstanding doctors.

Dr Albert will reduce to Mondays only, by September with his last day being Monday 27th September 2021. Dr Albert is bidding farewell to formal General Practice in favour of Urgent Care and will be working from an urgent care nearer his home as well as the Emergency Department at North Shore Hospital. 

Dr Derek's last day is Wednesday October 6th, 2021. Dr Derek is moving closer to his home and again focussing on a mixed role with urgent care.

We will certainly miss Dr Derek and Dr Albert. Dr Albert has worked here for over 16 years and Dr Derek has worked at Apollo for over 10 years.  These doctors have been integral members of our Apollo family.  Albert and Derek have established strong followings and have been a huge support for all their colleagues here at Apollo.  They will indeed be missed. We do however extend our very best wishes to them both.

Apollo Medical has recruited new GPs.  Dr Toni O'Regan has joined our practice and plans to increase her hours in the new year.  Dr Andrew Lott, who has been away working in Australia the past 5 years, is returning to our team starting in January 2022.  And Dr Megan Cole will be returning from maternity leave in the New Year.  We are interviewing for a new doctor and hopefully will have secured more doctors ready for 2022.  In the meantime Apollo intends to employ a locum doctor to cover consultation demand until these new doctors start fully in the New Year.

At Apollo Medical we recognize the importance of continuity of care for our patients and the need for each patient to have their own GP.  We acknowledge how important the GP is to our patients and we will endeavour to support you to find a replacement GP within Apollo as these new doctors start work. Please note however that Dr Esme David's books are definitely closed.  She is fully subscribed and is unable to take additional patients.

If you have any questions please contact me by email. Mary.baldwin@apollomedical.co.nz

Kind regards


Mary Baldwin


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