Meningococcal Vaccination

From 1 December 2019, meningococcal ACWY vaccination will be funded using Menactra for individuals aged 13-25 years in their first year of living in a boarding school hostel, tertiary education hall of residence, military barracks or prison.


Time is of the essence to implement this new program. Why?

  • There is a time limited catch-up programme ending 30 November 2020 for those aged 13-25 years who are already in one of the close-living situations mentioned above.
  • Adolescents & young adults may present for a flu shot which provides an opportunity to vaccinate against Invasive Meningococcal Disease at the same visit.
  • The upcoming winter and spring periods are peak times for meningococcal cases.


For information on recommended but unfunded meningococcal ACWY groups, please refer to the IMAC leaflet below. (Note – Practice prices may differ for non-funded vaccines) Resources/NonprogrammeVaccineMeningococcalImac20200630V01Final.pdf

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