Winter time

Just a friendly reminder now that winter is at its peak Apollo Medical is no longer an urgent care practice

At Apollo Medical we all want to assist you when and where we can, but we cannot guarantee there will be doctor appointments available at every time. 

Apollo Medical keeps some appointments each day with each doctor, for their own patients. Occasionally some doctors will have to help out by seeing other doctor's patients.

However at this time of the year this is not always possible.  Apollo Medical's wonderful nursing team help through our Nurse Assessment and Treatment Area (NATA).  At times the medical problem requires ‘on the day' medical assessment with a doctor.  If there are no doctor appointments available, the nurse will suggest either going to Shorecare or even presenting to North Shore ED or Waitakere Hospital ED.

If the problem can wait – then the nurse can assist with booking you a doctor appointment for the following day.

Thank you for your understanding and patience at this busy time of the year!



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