Micro Ear Suction Clinic

Micro Ear Suction Clinic

- for people aged 16y and over

Please read all three documents and FAQs below prior to your Micro Ear Suction appointment.

1. Micro Ear Suction Patient Screening Questionnaire

2. How to Apply/Insert Olive or Other Vegetable Oil Into Your Ear

3. Patient Consent Form

Micro Ear Suction FAQs

- What is Ear Wax?
Ear wax (cerumen), is produced in the ear canal and is a very important protective mechanism in the ear. People vary in how much ear wax they generate naturally.

- What are other contributing factors to ear wax build up?
Ear wax can be pushed back into the ear canal by using of headphones, hearing aids, cotton buds, and ear plugs. This can cause the wax to become impacted, or result in it not being able to naturally make its way out of the ear. Some people's ear shape and/or wax type can also mean the wax doesn't easily migrate out of the ear canal. 

- Is Ear Wax good for my ear?

  • Ear wax is part of self-cleaning for the ear canal.
  • Ear wax itself is acidic so insects don't like it, and is bacteriostatic so it does not harbour infections.

- Why is too much Ear Wax bad for my ear? 

  • Too much ear wax can lead to hearing loss by blocking the ear canal. 
  • For hearing aid wearers ear wax can cause feedback (whistling of the hearing aid) and a reduction in the volume of sound 

- What is Microsuctioning?
Essentially a vaccum cleaner for the ear. Varying sized suction tips are connected to the tubing and the suction gently removes wax. 

  • During the procedure it can be necessary to clear the suction tip by suctioning portable water through the tube 
  • Foreign bodies can be removed with this method
  • Some may find this procedure noisy and ticklish, and it can feel like cool air. 
  • Instruments ( like ear forceps, curette and hook ) may be used during the procedure to remove dry wax, skin, hair and foreign bodies. Or to manoeuvre wax from the canal

- What is the cost of micro ear suctioning?
Appointments are 15 minutes and the fee is $70.00 per appointment. You may need multiple appointments for your ear to be cleared of wax, each appointment is chargeable.

Long Term Condition Management (Repeat Prescriptions)

The Doctors Apollo Long Term Condition Medication Management Process is based on researched safe practice. It is designed to ensure that you, and all our patients, receive the most appropriate treatment and are given the best advice in order to optimize your health and well-being.

If you have not read our Process before please read it before requesting a repeat prescription, by clicking here.

The Doctors Apollo's prescription service aims to complete your repeat prescription requests within 3 working days. If you take regular long-term medications please ensure prescription requests are made in plenty of time to avoid disappointment. 

If you require a same-day URGENT PRESCRIPTION ($45), please call us on 09 477 3700 and request it over the phone. Please note the cut-out time for same-day service is 10am. Requests received after 10am will be processed on the next working day. 

Thank you for assisting us to care for you.

The ordering of online repeat prescriptions can now only be accessed via our patient portal called ManageMyHealth.  
Registration to ManageMyHealth needs to be with the practice staff, and you may be asked for a photo identification and a current email address. Alternatively you can phone the receptionist on 09 4773700 to order your repeat prescription. You will need to provide your name date of birth, contact phone number and the medications you require.

Charges: (please note we do not offer an urgent repeat prescription service - if you need your prescription in less than three working days you will need to come in and see a doctor to get it).  All prescription requests for patients 14 years and older are charged based on the time taken for the doctor to review and prepare your prescription and are charged at a flat fee of $35 per patient. Patients not eligible for NZ healthcare funding will incur a higher fee.

You can pick up this prescription from our reception, once you have received notification that it is ready to be collected, or you can request it be faxed to your local pharmacy at no additional cost.

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