Here are a few comments from some of our patients.  if you wish to provide feedback to Apollo Medical please go to our Feedback page, click here.


  • Sarah, Wellington, Sept 2013

    "When I came to Apollo Medical as an acute patient visiting from Wellington, I felt self assured and confident that I was getting very good care.  Everything ran very smoothly with my visits being followed up by the nurse and the results clarified by the doctor.  When it is not your regular medical centre you do feel quite vulnerable, but at Apollo I felt very well cared for, even though I was not a regular patient.  Everyone was very pleasant and kind, and I would not hesitate to go there again if needed."

  • Penny, Takapuna, Sept 2013

    "Apollo is just lovely.  It's so familiar and easy, especially the parking, and you really feel like the receptionists recognize you when they smile and ask something about you personally.  We have moved to Takapuna now, but still go to Apollo because it feels like home, not at all like a hospital as I had first worried.  I often recommend Apollo to people I know."

  • Anton, Browns Bay, Sept 2013

    "What I really like about Apollo Medical is that everything you need is in the one place, and it is easy to get an appointment with your GP at short notice.  At another practice I went to you had to wait a week or two to get an appointment.   Also the reception at Apollo Medical is well laid out and you get quick and concise help from the staff.    It's great to have everything so consistent."         

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