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Immigration Medicals

Immigration Medicals

Apollo Medical is an approved provider of Immigration Medical services to all age groups.  You will first have an appointment with our Immigration Administrator who will complete the pre-exam and necessary paperwork.  Following this, you will see the Immigration Doctor for a physical examination (wherever possible this will be immediately after the administration appointment, however sometimes there may be a wait of up to three hours).  Persons over the age of 15 years will then be required to have a blood test and referred for a chest x-ray.  Once the results of these tests are received, the Immigration Doctor will review the results, and complete and submit the Immigration Medical document.
The prices for the completion of an Immigration Medical are as follows:

  • 0-14 years of age $130.00 (blood test not required)
  • 15 years to 64 years  $360.00 (includes blood test)
  • 65 years and over   $490.00 (includes blood test)
  • Chest x-ray (where required)  to be paid direct to Radiologist - Please phone Mercy Radiology for the current price.

Medical reviews

Medical reviews are available for Immigration, Insurance and others. Each has varied requirements, time allocations, and fees. Please inform the receptionist of the purpose of the medical when booking your appointment.

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