Be Prepared for COVID-19

Is your household ready if someone gets COVID-19?

Tē tōia, tē haumatia | Nothing can be achieved without a plan and a way of doing things

It's only a matter of time before a positive case of COVID-19 is in your community. The health care system will always be there for those who need help but most people who contract COVID-19 will not require hospitalisation and will be able to isolate safely at home. Everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 and their household needs to stay at home and avoid contact with others, including whānau.

Being ready is about people, conversations, connections and knowing what to do. Being ready will mean your whānau and community can help each other if needed.

Use this list to have a kōrero and work out how ready you are to deal with COVID-19. Then, make a plan for your household.

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