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15 May 2020


Apollo Medical will move all its operations to Level 2 on Monday 18th May 2020.

All here at Apollo appreciate that this time has been unprecedented and for some of you it has meant enormous changes.  We hope you are feeling like we are on our way back to some level of normality.

Apollo Medical is pleased to announce that we are offering a new service at a reduced cost to those of you that do not receive any significantly subsidised medical care from the NZ government.

We are pleased to offer both Telehealth consultations – via telephone or video – as well as an increased volume of ‘In-person' consultations at the medical centre.

The standard Telehealth consultation time will be 10mins in length, and a double appointment can be booked if required.  This type of consultation is only suitable for those times when a physical examination is not required.  It is only suitable for single uncomplicated concerns.  From the experience we have had thus far, it is clear that many consultations can be completed very well using this modality.

I urge you to join the ManageMyHealth portal to facilitate your booking process.  By registering with MMH you will also have the ability to easily order prescriptions, look at your results and file notes.  It is also a way to send emails safely to your doctor.  It really is an excellent communication tool, between the practice, your doctor and you.

In-person consultations through the ‘lockdown' time have been reserved for more urgent types of concerns that absolutely required physical examination and they have been booked in by your GP.  These in-person consultations will continue with increased access and will now be able to be booked directly by the patient.  This can be done through reception, or preferably through our portal ManageMyHealth.  The standard length of these consultations is 15 minutes, and there will be a 5 minute Covid clean between patients.  The cost of the Covid-clean will be passed on as a separate fee.

The Ministry of Health and Royal NZ College of General Practice recommendation is still that the majority of consultations should be via Telehealth in Level 2.  The reason for this is safety.  Safety for the patients coming into the practice and safety for our team members.  Apollo must abide by the safe distancing rules in the waiting room and maximum numbers in the whole practice at any one time.

All in-person appointment requests will be screened by Covid-questions.  If Apollo cannot determine the safety of an ‘in-person' consultation – you will be offered a Telehealth consultation first.

By asking these questions we can be fully prepared for your visit, wearing all necessary PPE.  Please be patient with us all as we will be checking and rechecking with you with these questions.  This is all about safety and ensuring you are examined in the right place, with practitioners in the correct PPE.

We appreciate your kindness and understanding.

In addition to doctor consultations our nurses will be offering all of their usual services, including childhood immunisations, wound dressings, blood pressure checks, annual diabetic and asthma reviews etc.  Our nurses have and are still doing outstanding work with flu vaccinations and I cannot thank them enough.

Apollo Medical strongly recommends patients NOT arrive too early for appointments as the process is ‘one patient in and one patient out' for all consulting practitioners. 

Please arrive at the main entrance.  You will be greeted by a receptionist, given a mask to wear, and you will be asked the Covid-questions.  You will then be invited into the waiting room area. 

Your doctor or nurse will collect you from the waiting room and take you into their consulting rooms. 

Once the consultation has been completed you will be asked to follow the ‘arrows' from the consulting room along the corridor and out through the courtyard waiting room.  Alternatively you will be offered an alternative exit from the main waiting room area out into the central garden area.  This is to optimise social distancing and promote safe practice. 

Remember only one caregiver is permitted with a patient still through Level 2.

PLEASE NOTE All potential respiratory cases will enter through another COMPLETELY DIFFERENT entry and will be well separated from other patients throughout their visit to Apollo.

Apollo Medical continues to encourage all patients who fulfil criteria for testing to have a Covid-19 test at one of the designated testing centres first.  These designated clinics are contracted to perform a medical assessment of the patient as well should this be required.  By a Telehealth consultation your GP will be able to advise you whether this examination is required.

Apollo Medical looks forward to offering increased services to all enrolled patients in Level 2. Please be assured we are providing the highest level of safety to you and your family.

Kind regards

Dr Lynne Coleman MNZM

Medical Director


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