Dr William Zeng

29 November 2023


Dear patients of Dr William Zeng


I regret to announce Dr William Zeng is leaving The Doctors Apollo. His last working day will be Friday 22nd December 2023.

Dr William Zeng has been with The Doctors Apollo since December 2021. Since then he quickly became an integral part of our Apollo team. We sincerely wish him all the very best for his future.

At Apollo we recognize the importance of continuity of care for our patients and the need for each patient to have their own GP.  We therefore highly recommend Dr Larry Liao to you as your new primary GP. You can find brief information about Dr Larry here https://apollomedical.co.nz/doctors.php?ln=Dr-Larry-Liao&LID=1002074338#ckAnchor.

We do have many wonderful doctors here and if there is another doctor whom you would prefer to be enrolled with please do not hesitate to contact Apollo through reception and let us know.  

You will find further information about the doctors on our website www.apollomedical.co.nz

We acknowledge how important the GP is to our patients and we will endeavour to support you to find a replacement GP within Apollo.  Please contact reception at mc2.admin@apollomedical.co.nz or by phoning 09 477 3700 for more information or to advise us of your preferred GP. Or you may contact me by email. Mary.baldwin@apollomedical.co.nz


Kind regards

Mary Baldwin


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